1. What is delivery method?

After receiving your payment, our server will automatically generate the download in your account and promptly send the permanent download link to your email address. As this is a digital copy, I recommend downloading and saving it to your hard drive. If, for any reason, the link becomes broken, please inform us, and we will promptly resend the link.

If the link ever breaks or expires, you can contact us via email for updates, and we will provide you with a new link within 1-6 hours.

Order status

On-Hold: This is the order status that has been created, and we are awaiting payment or waiting for your payment to be confirmed.

Processing: We are processing your order. The download link may have issues when you receive this email. Don’t worry, an email with a working download link will be sent to you shortly, within about 15 minutes.

The order is marked as Complete when you receive the email titled “Order number #… completed.”

Complete: Your order has been successfully processed. If you encounter any issues, you can contact us through this email.

2. Refund policy?

100% money back guarantee! Due to the nature of Digital purchases, Digital Downloads such as MP3s, MP4s, and PDF are non-refundable. But we will refund if the fault is ours (unavailable products, missing content, corrupt file, low quality, wrong product… all of our faults).

Please note: all product’s contents were checked very carefully and “Excepted” these contents:

+ Coaching call or weekly/monthly call from author

+ Access author private facebook group or web portal of the course

+ Software, Tools, App (please contact us to confirm that)

+ Access author private membership forum

+ Email support from author or their team

+ Coupon, gift

(If missing bonus content, we will partial refund)